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Getting Started with Herbs


Herbs is available as an npm package.

To install and save in your package.json dependencies, run:

# with npm
npm install @herbsjs/herbs

# with yarn
yarn add @herbsjs/herbs


Here's a quick example to get you started, it's literally all you need:

import { entity, field, id, Ok, Err, usecase, step, ifElse  } from '@herbsjs/herbs'

const Item = entity('Item', {
id: id(Number),
description: field(String),
isDone: field(Boolean),
position: field(Number)

const dependency = {
ItemRepository: require('../repositories/ItemRepository').ItemRepository,

const addOrUpdateItem = (injection) =>

usecase('Add or Update an Item on a to-do List', {

// Input/Request type validation
request: { listId: Number, item: Item },

// Output/Response type
response: { item: Item },

// Authorization Audit
authorize: async (user) => user.isAdmin ? Ok() : Err(),

// Dependency Injection control
setup: (ctx) => ctx.di = Object.assign({}, dependency, injection),

// Step audit and description
'Check if the Item is valid': step((ctx) => {
return item.validate() // Ok or Error

'Check if the List exists': step(async (ctx) => {
return Ok()

// Conditional step
'Add or Update the Item': ifElse({

'If the Item exists': step(async (ctx) => {
return Ok(newItem)

'Then: Add a new Item to the List': step(async (ctx) => {
return ctx.ret = await // Ok or Error

'Else: Update Item on the List': step(async (ctx) => {
return ctx.ret = await // Ok or Error

Take a tour of our sample application

We created an example repository, that you can see the applicability of Herbs in a project closer to the real world. This application consists in a GraphQL API using Herbs and a template to use with this repository

So, you can get started with HerbsJS by taking a look at the sample repository, or follow this documentation to get more knowledge of how to use herbsJS

Issues & Discussions

We have a Discord server with our discussions and questions about the world around Herbs. If you have any questions, you can communicate with the community through this link: Herbs Discord

Next steps

Now that you've seen the basics of using Herbs, in the next sections of the documentation, we'll explain in detail how Herbs works under the hood for you.