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Domain that mattersDomain that matters

Stop spending time with redundant and low impact code. Code your domain first using Herbs and the necessary infrastructure will be generated on the fly.

Keep it cleanKeep it clean

No more sloppy, hard to change code. Create maintainable software, build your microservices in Node.js with Domain Driven Design and Clean Achitecture

Auditable and SecureAuditable and Secure

Enterprise grade features are standard on Herbs even for simple applications. Authorization and auditing are available out of the box.

Build Node.js Microservices Faster and Future Proof

Your code
Generated On The Fly

Generate documentation based on your domain

Self-generated documentation

Herbs Shelf is a self-generated documentation based on use cases and entities from your domain. It is a great way to communicate and collaborate between domain experts and developers.

Use Herbs CLI to speed up your development

Command Line Interface

The Herbs CLI makes it easy to create and manage your herbs project directly from the terminal. CLI is essential to improve development time and is designed to get you working quickly with herbs, with an emphasis on your domain.