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Domain-first DevelopmentDomain-first Development

HerbsJS is a domain-first development framework (non-MVC approach), that allows you to build maintainable applications by using the same language and terms as your stakeholders.

Low-code InfrastructureLow-code Infrastructure

REST and GraphQL endpoints running on the same project. Move your data transport layer without changing your code. That's the magic of a domain-first development.


With HerbsJS, developers can create code for their domain faster with the help of built-in AI.

Build Node.js Microservices Faster and Future Proof

Your code
Generated On The Fly

Herbs Assist

Herbs Assist is a powerful AI assistant that helps developers streamline their workflow using Herbs JS. By leveraging OpenAI GPT-3 Codex, Herbs Assist can automatically create Use Cases and Specs, freeing developers to focus on their domain and let Herbs JS handle the infrastructure. With Herbs Assist, developers can create powerful applications faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Self-generated documentation

The Herbs Shelf is a self-generated documentation tool that reads your uses use cases, entities, and specs to create docs and visual representations of your domain. It allows domain experts and developers to easily understand and collaborate on your project.

Command Line Interface

The Herbs CLI makes it easy to create and manage your herbs project directly from the terminal. CLI is essential to improve development time and is designed to get you working quickly with herbs, with an emphasis on your domain.